We are always looking to expand our network of foster homes in the Maritimes so we can accommodate the integration of danes in need into our network so we can assess the danes, and provide them with immediate transition care to get them into their forever homes.

Please click on the link to open the fostering application

Foster Application

To foster a Great Dane, please follow the process outline below:

  1. Fill out our Foster Form.
  2. References will be called including your vet (Please notify your vet we will be calling)
  3. A fence yard or wireless fencing is mandatory
  4. Children over the age of 7
  5. Able to keep a Dane on short notice and for a minimum of 10 days.
  6. Able to attend vet appoints
  7. Able to do temperament testing, socialization, and if needed obedience training.
  8. Must fill out a Foster to Do list for every rescue
  9. All pets in the home must be spayed or neutered unless medically unable to do so.
  10. Keep the Rescue President and Secretary informed and up to date on Rescue’s progress.