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New Brunswick Contacts


Marjorie Crousse – Secretary/Treasurer, Fredericton Representative – 506-260-3343

Nova Scotia Contacts

Sandi Leaf, Coordinator – Halifax & Area Representative

Brandie Lavoie, Website Administrator – South Shore Area Representative

Leiane Hiltz, Member – Annapolis Valley Representative

Prince Edward Island Contacts

Tracy Prendergast,  Member  – PEI Representative


If you would like more information on adoption, fostering or know of a dane in need, please contact us

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The vast majority of Great Danes that are abandoned and come into our care are produced by backyard breeders who have little regard for health testing, temperament or breed standard.  Most of these BYB’s are only interested in the money these poor breedings result in.


If you are interested in getting a Great Dane puppy,  please do your research and only purchase from a breeder interested in bettering the breed and who will always take a dog back if your circumstances change.  Ask for references, talk to their vet and other puppy owners – do the best that can be done to insure the puppy has been produced with good intentions for the breed and by someone who truly loves these magnificent creatures.