If you are interested in adopting an available Great Dane, please complete the Adoption Application by clicking on in the link below.  Please scan and email your completed form to

If you are unable to scan your completed application, please email us and we will direct you on how to get the form to us by fax or direct mail as we are an organization run by volunteers.

Adoption Process

  1. Complete our  adoption form
  2. References are check and vet reference (Please notify your vets office that we will be calling)
  3. A fenced yard or wireless fencing is a must. We do not want any of our Rescues to be on a tie out.
  4. We ask that children be at least 7 years of age.
  5. All pets in the home should be spayed or neutered unless not medically able to do so.
  6. Home visit will done by local Representative.
  7. When a suitable Dane comes in to our care that fits your application we will call.
  8. Our adoption process is not a first come first serve basis.  All Danes are placed in a home that is best fit.
  9. We do have a $350 adoption fee to help cover the costs in taking care of these gentle giants, and an adoption contract is to be signed an returned to FSDR inc. member to complete the adoption process.
  10. We are available 24/7 to answer any and all questions you may have about your adopted Dane.



Some of our Adoption Success Updates: